March 18, 2013

Tendons Problem Not Restricted to the US

LONDON — While Americans seemed to have weathered the storm for now as it applies to the disproportionate number of chickens with broken tendons, London’s Jews may not be as lucky. The city’s orthodox kosher supervision authority announced on March 7th that nearly all of the chickens slaughtered under their supervision in recent weeks were found to be unkosher.

In its statement, the Kashrus Committee of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations said that the 80% of slaughtered chickens had broken leg tendons, which makes them unfit for kosher consumption. A recurring problem in the US including the shutdown of the Empire plant for at least one day, the diseased chickens threatened to curtail supply in the US, but subsequent supply of the chickens had only a small percentage of chickens with the broken tendons (6%, a source guessed). A mutant chicken virus that damages bird’s leg tendons has run rampant in the Pennsylvania chicken population, rendering large portions of those birds unkosher. The US market also benefitted from the resumption of kosher slaughter at the Mehadrin plant in Pennsylvania.