January 23, 2017

The Ten Week Warning and Many Late Entries for Passover 2017

New York - It is no secret that most retailers have long “closed” their planograms for Passover 2017 (eve of April 10th) but that has not stopped several purveyors and brokers from still seeking shelf space for the upcoming holiday. With truckloads of Matzoh already rolling out from Shmurah bakeries in Brooklyn and many special Passover runs scheduled this month, the “10-week warning,” as one manufacturer called it, is upon us. The lucrative Passover hotel and resort program is already well underway with Jewish media filled with ads for programs all over the globe. Unlike 2016 when the holiday began in late April, Passover this year falls in early April, which means that the special shelves will open by mid-March. Prices are expected to be slightly higher, mostly for meat products. Some 300 new items are expected to be introduced although many will be scattered in different retail locations.