November 20, 2018

Technology Ushers in Many Changes for Foodservice, Experts Tell Kosherfest Seminar

Secaucus, NJ…”Life on demand and the various changes that are happening fast with technology are shaping the new world of foodservice, including kosher,” said Tim Brown, a former Vice President of Sysco, one of the world’s largest foodservice distributors. Addressing the topic at Kosherfest of “Maximizing your Opportunities in Foodservice,” Mr. Brown said that while consumer spending on food in the 70’s was primarily on the retail side, since 2004, spending moved towards a 50:50 split. He added that “the millennial generation will be in control of the industry as the baby boomer generation size is shrinking.” Other issues he addressed included 3rd party delivery services, meal kits, ghost/virtual kitchens, social media, packaging and the takeout food segment and how restaurants will need to pivot to continue to survive these changing times.  He concluded the presentation by describing food as not being defined by channel but by value, convenience, experience and accuracy.

Mr. Brown was followed by an impressive panel of experts that shared some of their experiences in foodservice. Bob Sulick, the National Director for Procurement Support for Sodexo and owner of the Mulberry Street restaurant shared his experiences as a restaurant owner. Jerry Bertram, a member of the Bertram family which owns the largest kosher foodservice distribution company, has been in food distribution since 1995. He explained his perspectives of the industry from the distribution side that was very insightful.  Nikki Pierre concluded the presentations talking about the advantages of marketing restaurants thru the Uber Eats platform.