May 9, 2016

Technology Helps Kashrus Agencies Cope with Voluminous Inquiries on the eve of Passover

Chicago - Kashrus agencies throughout the country used technology to help them cope with the growing number of inquiries that lead up to Passover and continued on the holiday itself. At the Chicago Rabbinical Council website there were 11,700 searches with the most popular being toothpaste. This is nearly double the amount of searches from years before.  At the OU, thousands of inquiries were received over the Web (as well as on a hotline). The questions included inquiries about whether horseradish can be used at the Seder for marror (bitter herbs), the status of yeast, blanched almonds, purified water, steam pasteurized nuts and what to serve a pet. There were also many apps that consumers used as well as sharing information on social media.