January 25, 2016

Technology to Answer Age-Old Question: “Is it Kosher?”

New York - For many people who observe kosher, finding a product that is kosher certified can often be challenging, especially if you find yourself in a strange land and have no clue. Now there is a new kosher app that will make life so much easier for those searching for the answer to “Is it Kosher?” No, the solution comes not from the Silicon Valley or even from Israel’s high tech developers. It comes from Tallinn, Estonia where a new “Is it Kosher” app allows anyone to find favorite kosher products wherever they may be. The app has several ways of finding what’s kosher and where to buy it. You can search the product by name, scan the barcode, or take a picture! Not only will it tell you the nearest purchase location, but it tells you the kosher status as well. You’ll also be able to find kosher products in ordinary supermarkets as well as online e-stores all over the world. Developers of the app have synched the app with over 90 kosher databases. They also have collaborated with kosher certifications agencies such as the Orthodox UnionOK kosherLondon Beth DinSouth Africa Beth Din,  Nederlands-Israëlitisch KerkgenootschapChicago Rabbinical CouncilStar-KBrazil Kosher Department and many more.  There are over 250,000 products to date, but they are constantly inputting new data every day. The “Is it Kosher?”  app is available in the app store for free for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows) and can also be accessed online at their website: http://isitkosher.eu/.  With more than 15,000 active users, they have proved that this much needed app’s popularity keeps growing every day!