March 7, 2016

Taigelach to Hit US Market

San Diego - Taigelach, an old favorite that originated in Eastern Europe and is now very popular amongst many Ashkenazi Jews , has now hit the US Market. It is more than dough boiled in a ginger syrup for many. It is a blast from the past, yesteryear’s delicacy. Upon arrival in South Africa in the 1800’s, Bobba Golda from Lithuania opened a bakery in Johannesburg producing her hometown specialty, Taigelach (literally little dough pieces). Insanely popular in South Africa, where most of the Jewish community is of Lithuanian descent, this low fat treat has now moved to the USA.

Bobba’s Taigelach’s San Diego factory will begin production later this week and is now seeking distributors across the USA. CEO, Charles Rubins, predicts that the East Coast will be his largest market. He hopes to have this delicacy available for online purchase in the future as well. When Charles was growing up in South Africa, taigelach were a staple at Brissim, Bar Mitzvahs and on popular Jewish holidays, like Rosh Hashanah and Passover. At this year’s Kosherfest, 50% of visitors who sampled Taigelach nostalgically recalled the pastry from their past. Since the dough is made of Matzah Meal, sugar and eggs, taigelach are Kosher for Passover, as well as all year round. For those looking for something different to snack on Passover, this dairy-free delicacy is it! While it’s dubbed as the “rugelach of South Africa”, there’s really no food that it can be compared to. For more information visit