December 3, 2012

Taft Foodmasters Introduce Seitan

Taft Foodmasters, a U.S. based manufacturer, introduces a kosher, vegan and wheat-based plant protein called seitan. This product has been around for centuries but has now been perfected by Taft’s custom seasoning blends and a patent-pending process. 

Taft has been selling this product to the fast food industry for the past year and has now launched retail packaging for their very popular vegetarian gyro and sausage made of their proprietary seitan. Most Taft customers are mainstream restaurants/institutions looking to add their own signature vegetarian/vegan sandwich/meal with ease. 

Whether you want to expand your vegetarian/vegan menu or create one, the addition of Taft’s seasoned seitan will please both meat and non-meat eaters alike. You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy it. The flavors include: Original Seasoned Seitan, Sausage Seitan, Smoked Applewood or plain which is great with Chinese sauces. 

This product comes frozen, pre-cooked, and either sliced, cubed, ground or in loaves. It has a long freezer life and is easy to thaw. It is a heat-n-eat product, literally taking less than a minute to heat. For more information visit: