November 7, 2016

A Surprising Success in a World Filled With Nut-Free Snack Options to Showcase at Kosherfest

Brooklyn, NY - Every new food product on supermarket shelves these days seems to have a ‘nut-free’ proclamation; from cereals to snack bars and everything in between. Allergies are rampant and the number of allergic reactions to peanuts, especially in children, is rising by the day. This is why there has been such an  the overwhelming consumer response to Chewzy Treats (, a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in peanut butter treats and snacks, a response that has surprised even its founder and CEO Avigdor Klein. “It was right before Purim in 2012 and I had been perusing the shelves of the local supermarkets. I love peanut chews and found that there were very limited peanut butter offerings in the baked goods section in the kosher stores. Those that I did find were stale and very unappetizing. So I rolled up my sleeves and worked on developing the perfect peanut chew recipe that would taste delicious and stay fresh for weeks. We started selling trays of peanut chews for mishloach manot baskets and never looked back. Our small basement project turned into a thriving business; in fact we are already growing out of our second premises.”

Although he was preparing for the upcoming Kosherfest, he was particularly proud of his gift boxes. “We were still in the teething stages and a customer had cancelled a huge order. In a nutshell (no pun intended), we were stuck with hundreds of containers of peanut chews and needed to dispose of them quickly. One of our salesmen decided to put the peanut chews in a gift box from a party store down the road, and the major supermarkets gobbled it up. We couldn’t fill orders quick enough.” Four years down the line, the Chewzy Treats line includes checkerboard Peanut Chews in 18 flavors and various pack sizes, Granola Chews in 4 flavors, personalized Chewbars in 4 peanut butter flavors and 4 granola flavors. “We’ve just launched Chocolate Bark and the response has been amazing. We have another few other items up our sleeves such as a new Chewbar made out of marshmallow which will be featured at Kosherfest this year.”