April 27, 2021

Surge in Passover 2021 Sales Surprises Many

New York…The projections were for flat sales this past Passover. While vaccines were widely available, the pandemic was far from over. Only 25% of the lucrative Passover programs ever opened and family reunions were scaled back as Israeli travel restrictions remained in effect. Yet, a Kosher Today survey showed that sales on average increased by 8%-10% with one independent kosher supermarket reporting a near 20% surge. The manager estimated that 25% of his sales went to vacationing customers. This included sending a truckload of Passover foods to Orlando, the most popular Passover vacation this year.

The retailers admitted that in the weeks before the holiday they were extremely concerned that there would be shortages of some foods because of the pandemic. They also thought that they would suffer from the fact that many of their customers were going to Orlando and other destinations. But these fears not only did not materialize but the opposite was true. The shopping baskets were greater due to the week-long Chol Hamoed (interim days) and many families staying at home. As in past years there were variations in sales in various locations. Most of the glowing reports came from independent kosher grocers in the New York-New Jersey area.

Pomegranate, the upscale kosher supermarket, founded in 1908 placed ads in Jewish newspapers thanking customers for “the best Passover ever.” Distributors say that unlike in past years there few products left on shelves after Passover.