December 5, 2011

SupHerb, Leading Israeli Vitamin Company, in Hunt for Market Share of Growing Kosher Market

Brooklyn … While most of the focus of many is on the soaring kosher food market, kosher is also rising rapidly in vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. Some sources say that the growth in the kosher vitamins has surpassed kosher foods with as much as a 25% growth in just the last three years. Such well-known brands as Maxi-Health and Zahler’s have been battling for market share. Much of the growth say the experts is in the rigorously Orthodox market looking for a level of kosher certification that is not available on most common brands. But now they will face stiff competition from the Israeli-based Ambrosia-SupHerb, which features the kosher certification of Badatz, a standard accepted by the Chasidic community. As Israel’s second largest vitamin company, it was established in 1986 and has specialized in the development, production and marketing of dietary supplements. SupHerb operates its own farms for natural ingredients and is a leading company in the research and development of vitamins, mineral and nutritional supplements for the entire family.