January 19, 2009

SuperValu Prepares for Passover Õ08 with Show

Chicago…Snow and bone chilling cold did not stop 30 store directors of SuperValu stores from attending the second annual Passover Show sponsored by the chain. The store directors came from Jewel divisions in Illinois and Indiana. According to Yakov M. Yarmove, Business Development Manager - Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods for SuperValu, the show was repeated this year after last year’s excellent results. “After seeing many of the new items and hearing vendor presentations, we find this is truly the best way to enthuse our store teams into growing what can be considered a most-challenging holiday from a merchandising/purchasing perspective,” said Mr. Yarmove. Some 33 vendors, including most of the major kosher brands, were displayed at the show. Mr. Yarmove said that since the show worked so well, SuperValu has added another show to be held later this week for its Acme division. The show will be larger than the Jewel event since more than 60 stores are expected to attend in addition to representatives from other East Coast SuperValu banners. These small shows have become increasingly popular as an adjunct show to Kosherfest, which is the major showcase each year for products for the upcoming Passover season.