July 21, 2014

Supermarkets Remain Hub of Kosher Sales in US Despite Dramatic Growth of Kosher Super Stores

MONTICELLO, NY — As the summer of 2014 got underway, the Shoprite store very much looked like a kosher store with an abundance of kosher products in almost every category. Across the road, at the giant Wal-Mart, there was also a major section for kosher, albeit not as visible as the ShopRite displays. Despite growing competition from kosher superstores, the major supermarket chains continue to actively court kosher consumers. Shoprite has particularly been very aggressive, even competing in the Flatbush-Boro Park area where it is faced with stiff competition from stores like Pomegranate, Breadberry, Gourmet Glatt and KRM. In one of its newest stores on Route 22 in Union, NJ, the shelves opened with few kosher options but has steadily increased its kosher offerings, a further indication that the chain is very much seeking to continue its leadership role in kosher. 

In other parts of the country, from Jewel-Osco in Chicago to Ralph’s in California, the chains continue their major involvement in kosher and the likelihood is that if a survey were taken today, the majority of kosher shoppers still shop at a major supermarket, although there is also a shift towards the large discount chains.