December 28, 2009

Sunday Production of Kosher Poultry Leaves Shelves Stocked After Weekend

Monroe NY…It’s Sunday at Kiryas Joel Poultry and the plant looks every bit as it does on a Monday. It is abuzz with a full compliment of staff with a high ratio of community people, including mashgichim, shochtim, and rabbis to ordinary line workers. The Sunday slaughter of chickens, according to Joel Weiss of KJ Poultry, assures that shelves in kosher groceries will be restocked as early as Sunday afternoon. Kosher consumers have long complained of empty shelves on Sundays and even Monday mornings as stores traditionally sell out many items for the Shabbos. According to several grocers, despite the supply of several poultry brands, the Sunday slaughter is extremely important in stocking fresh poultry products early in the week. They say that items like poultry, beef and even milk are frequently in short supply come Sunday. One Boro Park store said that the delivery of KJ “chicken cutlets” and other poultry products on Sunday is extremely important. Kosher customers now have a choice of nearly 12 brands of the kosher fowl, most of which are under the Orthodox Union. KJ is also certified by Rabbi Getzel Berkowitz, the highly respected dayan (rabbinical judge) of Kiryas Joel.