July 9, 2012

Summer Offers a Potpourri of Opportunities for Kosher

NEW YORK -- Gone are the days when the summer months were considered down time for the kosher food industry. With tens of thousands of kosher consumers on the move, the industry merely adapts to a changed landscape.

For Quality Foods, it means sending trucks to the Catskill Mountains to service summer camps, bungalow colonies and developments. For Mountain Fruit and Kold Kuts, it means shifting a good deal of the operations Upstate. Pomegranate seeks to keep his customer base by offering many of his products in two Catskill locations as well as packing orders in insulated boxes with dry ice for customers who do not wish to miss the fare in the summer.

For Chestnut, it means showcasing his Williamsburg based products in Landau’s in South Fallsburg. For many purveyors, it spells adding refrigerated trucks. For Noah’s Ark in Teaneck summer is sending kosher foods to tourist destinations.

In Europe, caterers like Kosher Delight serve thousands of tourists on heritage tours to Eastern Europe. In Israel, the resort hotel season is in high gear. Israeli tour operators cater kosher in many parts of the world, including Cyprus, Sinai, Turkey and more. For dairy purveyors, there is the Nine Days (beginning on the eve of July 19th). 

Kosher restaurants routinely now offer Nine Days Menus. “When you add all this up,” said one kosher source, “summer has become anything but a down time, perhaps adding tens of millions of dollars to the bottom line.”