June 29, 2015

Summer a Great Time to Hone in on Kashrus Skills as Major Agencies Sponsor Seminars

New York…For some the age-old question of “what are you doing this summer?” will not be answered with relaxing on beach front property or travelling. It is participating in one of the seminars sponsored by the major kashrus agencies in New York City, the Catskills, Lakewood and Baltimore. Last summer, several participants travelled from as far away as Brazil to participate in a seminar sponsored by the Star-K Kosher Certification. Some are mashgichim, others planning to become kashrus supervisors and still others rabbis or ordinary consumers. This year will be no different. The demand for these sessions continue to grow, say the kashrus agencies. This summer the OU Kashrus Division is offering the Harry H. Berne ASK OU Guided Tour of OU Kosher Meat Production.  Limited to a class of 20, the program has already filled all of its seats; other applicants are on a waiting list. The seminar will take place July 27-29. The session will include a tour of Empire Poultry and Real Kosher.

For many of the participants, the seminars provide them with the latest information on kashrus. Others are looking to join the ranks of mashgichim in the rapidly growing kosher market. Seminar organizers say that the participants are extremely motivated and missing a few days of vacation is relatively unimportant compared to what they gain.