August 10, 2015

“Summer Bachelors” Eat Gourmet Meals for $15 a Dinner

Brooklyn, NY - They are called “summer bachelors” because their wives and children are away in the Catskill Mountains during the week while they “rough” it in the City. But for at least 150 of the young Chasidic husbands and fathers, after finishing work,  they can buy a buffet meal that includes gourmet herrings, soups, meat and poultry as well as many side dishes and desserts for as little as $15. The venue is a newly renovated small banquet hall of the Yeshiva Yagdil Torah, affiliated with the Gerer Chassidim while several blocks away young Chasidim of Satmar are served set meals (not as elaborate as the Gerers) for as little as $14. “We do it as a service to these men who enjoy the good food and camaraderie,” said Rabbi Menachem Garfinkel of the Yeshiva Yagdil Torah, All the meals are prepared in his state-of-the-art meat kitchen which during the school year serves meat meals to the students in his elementary school once a week. It is truly hard to tell that these are meals prepared in a school. Buffet style, many of the participants refill more than once to take advantage of the variety of the foods. Shaule Wassertheil, an events coordinator, says that “the important thing is that they feel no different than when they go to a restaurant.” In many ways, pointed out Wassertheil, it is better than a restaurant since a new menu is prepared every evening.