September 27, 2016

Steep Increase in Rosh Hashanah Gift Market

New York - It wasn’t too long ago that it was customary for Jews to send large numbers of greeting cards to family and friends with New Year’s wishes before Rosh Hashanah. While the cards are still popular with many, gift baskets for the holiday have increasingly taken the place of the cards. In fact, it is estimated that the Rosh Hashanah gift market may increase by as much as 25%, according to a survey by Kosher Today. This is an interesting development considering that most kosher gifts of foods and wines used to take place around Chanukah and Purim. The Rosh Hashanah baskets most often include a sweet wine, gourmet honey, a pastry made out of honey and perhaps candy. The koshered market may be following the national trend where the food gifting market has grown to near $18 billion in the US. Corporate gift giving is also seeing a dramatic increase in the Rosh Hashanah food gift giving.