November 15, 2012

Star-K Sponsors Webinar on Issues with ÒKosherÓ Chickens

BALTIMORE — Kashrus organizations continue to increase educational programs for consumers on a variety of topics that are relevant to people who observe kashrus. Most of the large kashrus organizations have offered seminars on insect infestation, kosher fish, and, of course, Passover. 

This week the Star-K will be offering a Webinar on issues that may surface with chickens. The Webinar, which is also available on Smartphones will feature Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Kashrus Administrator for the Star-K. The Webinar will cover issues that may arise with  a chicken, including a broken bone or discoloration, a cut-up chicken, used chickens, liver leaks on the chicken, and a kidney stuck on the chicken. 

The Webinar will take place on November 14th at 8 p.m. For more information, contact [email protected].