June 8, 2021

Spice Company Leads Growing Excitement for Kosherfest 2021

Secaucus, NJ…by Eda Kram…Interest in Kosherfest 2021, scheduled for November 9-10 at the Meadowlands Convention Center, continues to soar with both potential exhibitors and visitors. As pandemic restrictions are relaxed, an increasing number of exhibitors from around the country and even worldwide are indicating that they will attend. Many long-time exhibitors are anxiously awaiting this year’s show: "We have exhibited at Kosherfest for many years and highly recommend it. We always get solid high-quality leads, and it draws the right audience in the kosher industry that we need to reach. We look forward to attending this year!"  -Eli Rotstein, President, International Spice. The surge has also been noteworthy on social media with over 3,000 followers and many others occasionally following. During the Shavuot holiday, May 17-18, there were more than 150 posts.

For the past 25 years International Spice has serviced retail grocers, specialty and gourmet stores, private label, food distributors and fine restaurants coast to coast.  Their specialty is the ability to pack their products in various sizes to meet customer requirements. Spice blends are our specialty, we have a full lineup of the most popular blends, dips, and meat rubs, as well as their unique blends created in house.