March 19, 2019

Sparkling and White Wines Trending for Passover, Kosher Wine Expert Says

Bayonne, NJ…With a record number of new kosher wines being released in time for Passover 2019, one expert sees a growing trend amongst wine connoisseurs. Gabriel Geller, Director of Public Relations and Wine Education at Royal Wines, sees a growing trend towards sparkling and white wines. A key driving force are millennials who may have grown up in an era of sweet sacramental wines but today champion the newer and better wines. They are much more likely to covet Rose or sparkling wines. “It was only 2-3 years ago that sparkling wines and champagne were moving slowly but these days, we’ve seen a big bump in sales.”

For many people, Passover has become a primary season for tasting and experimenting with new wines. It is a time when much wine is consumed due to the many festive meals of the holiday. For Royal Wines, at least 20 new wines were introduced this year and wine sales around Passover time is 40% of year-round sales (30% around Rosh Hashanah, and 30% balance of year). It is also a time of year when people tend to spend more on wine than they do the balance of the year. While customers spend on average $10-$15 per bottle year-round, come Passover time it is $20-$25. For those looking to spend significantly more there is the expensive Herzog Generation 8 2014 which goes for about $220 and the Staudenmaier private selection goes for over $250. Mr. Geller notes that not all wines by Royal are for the kosher market. He singles out the popular Bartenura Moscato. He says that Evangelical support for Israel has also resulted in bumped up sales for Israeli wines. Amongst the nations that are producing more kosher wines are France with growing interest in Spain and Italy. As a wine educator though, he feels that there is still much to be done with younger kosher consumers.