May 20, 2013

South Africa Lays Claim as Leading Kosher Destination

JOHANNESBURG, SA — Of all the countries that are frequently mentioned as leading destinations for kosher, South Africa is claiming that it deserves recognition for its kosher choices. According to a report in the South African Jewish Report, Johannesburg alone has 22 kosher eating establishments. These kosher facilities are concentrated largely within a kilometer or two of the Jewish “ghetto,” with more kosher food in eating places further afield. There are also said to be some 27 delicatessens, bakeries and stores spread over much of northern Johannesburg and Sandston. 

With six stores offering kosher goods, Pick n Pay offers the largest range of kosher products in the country. Some smaller outlets, such as Dee Jays Deli, with shops in Glenhazel, Highlands North and Lyndhurst, also offer meat, milk (chalav yisrael) and pareve food, apart from catering for functions. Then there is KosherWorld in Glenhazel, with its array of kosher products. There are  10 kosher butcheries, some in the major supermarkets and the Pick n Pay Hypermarket. 

To round off the list, three outlets offer kosher confectionery, sweets, dried foods or health foods. In Cape Town, while offering far fewer choices than Johannesburg, there are still an impressive variety of kosher offerings. It boasts seven eating places, spread out over the city, five bakeries, seven delicatessens and a couple of butcheries. Not surprisingly in a city where fresh fish is always a major delicacy, there are nine dedicated fish counters and shops from Sea Point through to the southern suburbs, including Pick n Pay stores.