July 14, 2015

South Africa Amongst Leading Kosher Markets

Johannesburg - It is certainly not Jerusalem and New York but according to a recent article in the SA Jewish Report, the two major South African cities can take their place amongst some of the world’s vibrant kosher centers. In fact, the article compared the South African kosher market to several others around the world. There are approximately 70,000 Jews in South Africa and says the paper “its members are fortunate to choose from an impressive selection of kosher products available at all local supermarkets.” The paper says that there are so many good options in Cape Town that one visitor from abroad noted: “The kosher delis in Cape Town made our trip so much more enjoyable! We could not believe what was on offer.” By comparison, the UK has approximately 300 000 Jews. The big issue there, according to Rabbi Eli Schoeman from the London Beth Din, is the difficulty in securing products for those living outside the typically Jewish areas. “Meat and dairy products are difficult to come by and people have to make different arrangements for how they get these delivered to their area.”

With 270 000 Jews, Toronto is a significant kosher market. In a price comparison of a whole kosher chicken across the continents, Jewish Report ascertained that kosher chicken comes out cheapest in Johannesburg as opposed to the UK, Toronto, and Melbourne. Turning to kosher restaurants, the paper notes: “South Africa has a good selection of kosher restaurants, some of which have even become a favorite of overseas visitors who return to foreign shores raving about, “Frangelica’s dreamy muffins and cheesecake or Next Door’s many sumptuous delights!” London has a very wide assortment of kosher restaurants servicing the thousands of strictly kosher customers. There are many milk restaurants, steak houses, Chinese and even an Ottelenghi restaurant which has become a real tourist attraction for authentic Mediterranean food lovers.