December 2, 2019

Songwriter to Launch Song about Kosher

El Paso, TX…Award-winning songwriter Larry Lesser is preparing to launch SPARKS, an ambitious thematic 24-song album of original Jewish songs. The album includes “Kind,” his heartfelt and educational song about the laws of kashrus. His lyrics include: If I were a fish, what kind would I be: would scales guard my integrity, would fins help me steer and flee,  or would I scavenge from the bottom of the sea?...If I were a beast, what kind would I be:  would I have split hooves or claws for my feet? Would I wolf down my food so rapidly or ruminate thoughtfully? If I were a bird, what kind would I be: a bird of prey like an eagle, or a gentle bird like a dove to rise above?  I am a human, I’ve come to see: what I take in becomes part of me. And I think of blood, I think of milk, I think of a mother and her ilk. So I’ll face what’s on my plate and think of the source, think of the fate. May the awareness help me find a way to be mindful, a way to be kind. (KIND, Words and Music © 2009, 2010, 2019 Lawrence (“Larry”) Mark Lesser, ℗ 2020 Poet Larryate Publishing (BMI).  All rights reserved)