July 28, 2020

Some of the Kosher “Boxes” Actually Have Good Food

Monsey…So what’s in those kosher boxes? Milk, juice, French fries. Hot pretzels? The “boxes” are one of those memorabilia that are often put into a time capsule. According to some sources, the food in the boxes was originally destined for school programs but due to the lockdown of schools a great deal of the food was distributed to the poor and others. Said one community leader: “Some of the boxes actually had great food for Shabbos, including kugels, challah, and cold cuts.” The community leaders say that due to layoffs and higher unemployment many families actually were in need of the food. In some places, cars were lined up around the block on a Friday morning to get some of the food. In addition, many kosher groceries and caterers have stepped in delivering food to the poor, hospital workers and first responders like Hatzalah.