February 19, 2013

Soho Upscale Restaurant Reaches Out to Traditional Kosher Diners

NEW YORK — Menachem Sendrovic and Henry Stimler believe their model for a kosher restaurant is rife for today’s upscale kosher diner that may not necessarily fit the mold of more traditional kosher diners. They called their SoHo Restaurant Jezebel, served high-end wines that were not mevushal (cooked), featured some risqué artwork and sought to blend great kosher food with events more common with the popular culture. The food at Jezebel received excellent reviews, which was another point the two young entrepreneurs wished to make. Just because it’s kosher does not mean it can’t be of superior quality and taste. 

The Jezebel owners announced some major changes in their business model that they hope will ingratiate the restaurant with traditional upscale kosher diners: “We are going to switch to a different kosher certification, namely the OU (Orthodox Union) which is the most widely recognized certification. It will open up an entire key kosher clientele that currently does not  eat at the restaurant.” A contract has yet to be signed with the OU.