March 23, 2020

Social Media More Important than Ever as Customers Glued to Smartphones

New York…The marketing of kosher food and other goods in a household keeping kosher has not changed, say the experts. Print publications that are usually read over the Shabbat and the weekend are continuing to publish with a full slate of advertisements for the coming Passover holiday. What is dramatically increasing is the use of social media, according to the social media team at Lubicom Consulting, which also handles the social media for Kosherfest. The need for content at a time when most people rely on their Smartphones is greatly increased, according to Lubicom. “It is a great time for branding and communicating with customers who will actually remember the contact at a difficult time in their lives,” said a Lubicom team manager. Many food companies are particularly making use of their Instagram accounts to keep customers in the loop. With a record number of people staying home for Passover this year, recipes and meal ideas, such as is available on sites like is greatly appreciated. It is also a good time for companies that have either never used social media or have used the platform sparingly to establish their own programs in these uncertain times. Kosherfest and Lubicom have been receiving a great deal of material to keep the trade and consumers current, particularly about Passover products.