June 3, 2013

So WhoÕs Buying Kosher? More Jews, Retailers Say

New York...Various studies in the last decade showed that more non-Jews than Jews are buying kosher. Studies by Lubicom and Mintel in the ‘90’s and 2000’s showed that the majority of kosher consumers are in fact non-Jews. They included Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, and people who believe that kosher is healthier and better. But in a surprising turn, many retailers say that their recent growth is coming from Jewish customers. In a survey of more than a dozen retailers, particularly those in major cities, there was talk of younger Jews moving into nearby areas, many Jews who do not eat kosher on a regular basis but appear to frequent kosher aisles, and Jews looking for the growing number of kosher  healthy and organic products, including gluten-free. Community leaders say that this trend has also resulted in more kosher items at the large discount club stores like Costco .While Muslims largely shop in Halal stores in communities with heavy concentrations of Muslims, they are also frequenting large supermarkets and even independent kosher stores. Food sources say that Halal producers are constantly looking for new sources of meat and are said to do business with such kosher plants as Hebrew National. While Muslims do not eat pork they can certainly buy kosher slaughtered animals and even the hind part of animals which are not used in kosher slaughter. Retailers also say that they have noticed an uptick in sales of such items as whole wheat crackers and snacks, gluten free items, and many deli items by ordinary American customers.