April 14, 2015

Snack Foods Soar on Passover with Double Digit Growth

NEW YORK - It wasn’t so long ago that you could fill only a small section of a Passover aisle with snack items. Not so this Passover as some stores filled an entire aisle with a variety of snack items from companies like Bloom’s, Lieber’s and Paskesz. Sales were particularly strong this year because of the weekday interim days – chol hamoed - with thousands taking trips. The snack items were an important part of the food people took along. “When I was growing up,” said Herschel, who filled an entire cart with small snack bags at Pomegranate in Brooklyn, “it was hardboiled eggs and American cheese; today you can have every type of chip.” Sales of snack items in general are said to have increased by nearly 20% in the last three years. Retailers say that they have seen an increase in snack purchases by adults as well. The variety of kosher snack items includes more natural and organic snacks by companies like Goldbaum’s. In the general market, sales of organic snacks increased 11.6% since 2013.