June 6, 2016

Snack Aisle Explodes in Kosher Independent Stores, but With Many Healthy Options

New York - The Paperific Boro Park store sells nearly 125 kosher snack items, a number that several other stores in Brooklyn easily agreed with. But the expansion of the kosher snack aisle is only part of the story. The real news is that many of the items are actually healthier snacks touting the fact that they are lower in fats, sugars, salt and the like. There are Veggie Snacks from Goldbaum’s and lite popcorn and more. One store manager told Kosher Today: “It’s really a tossup. Some mothers are buying fruit rollups that are lower in sugar while others are still buying the high fat and high sugar snacks.” According to Yakov Yarmove who coordinates kosher for Albertson’s, the “ethnic snacks” are more prevalent in the kosher independent stores while the large supermarkets simply have the brands that have the OU and other major national and regional certifications. Yarmove was amongst a large number of kosher trade buyers at the recent Sweets & Snacks Expo (May 24-26) in McCormick Place in Chicago where there was a great deal of focus on all types of "healthy alternative" snack and candy items with kosher certifications. Brooklyn- based Drizzilicous showcased a crunchy chocolate drizzled rice, chia, quinoa and flax seed pareve snack. Another item was a Star-K certified line of kid's novelty candies called Too Tarts with 100% RDA Vitamin C, sweetened with fruit juice. Clever Cookie was there with a new line of pareve cookie snack bags called "Shopkins". There was a line of pareve coated popcorns from Montreal called "Bad Monkey". Then there were OU pareve Naan chips from Bandar Foods. Jeff Moskowitz, formerly of Blue and White was there representing a pareve cornbread crisp from a company called Farmer's Pantry. Simon Nourmand from Galil and the folks from Osem had booths there too.