July 29, 2013

Smith Brothers Introduces New Cough Drops

Smith Brothers recently launched two new kosher products, Daytime Drops and Nighttime Drops. As the only drops in the cough/cold section specifically formulated for time-of-day use, Daytime contains caffeine for a little added energy, and Nighttime with melatonin and chamomile to help relax the body before bedtime. William and Andrew were sons of James Smith who moved to Poughkeepsie from St. Armand, Quebec in 1847 to establish a restaurant. Though James was a fine carpenter by trade, he was an even better candy maker and a businessman. The story of the birth of the first cough drop is a good example. As that story goes, a journeyman stopped at the Smith restaurant and gave James the formula for a delicious and effective cough candy. James saw a need for such a product in the cold, windswept Hudson Valley and immediately mixed up a batch on his kitchen stove.  The Drops were a quick success and demand for the “cough candy” grew fast up and down the river. Only a few years later, in 1852, the firm’s first advertisement appeared in the Poughkeepsie paper, inviting all “afflicted with hoarseness, cough or colds” to test it. Young William and Andrew were active in the new business from the start. They helped mix the family secret formula in their father’s kitchen and busily sold the product in the streets of Poughkeepsie. The two boys inherited the fast growing business on the father’s death in 1866, and the company officially became known as Smith Brothers. Their products are kosher  certified under the Orthodox Union (OU).  For more information visit: www.thesmithbrothers.com