April 11, 2011

Sign of the Times: A Kosher Baseball Camp

Cincinnati…Kosher Baseball? Indeed, says Shabsai Uvsitzky, founder and director of MVP Kosher Baseball camp, the nation’s first major-league baseball camp for Orthodox Jewish boys. Mr. Uvsitzky, a Cincinnati native who fondly recalls playing with Ken Griffey Jr. at the local JCC, has always had a passion for everything baseball. “MVP Kosher Baseball Camp, is an authentic baseball camp, complete with pro-players and pro-instructors. When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a baseball camp for boys who ate kosher and observed Shabbos; now it’s a reality.” Based in Delray Beach, Florida, MVP Baseball Camp will host two week-long sessions, one in June and the other at the end of August. Featuring over 30 hours of hands on instruction from major league baseball trainers and instructors, as well as many other baseball related activities, the camp will offer three Glatt Kosher meals a day as well as religious services. Is your little leaguer eager to go pro?