January 20, 2021

Shortages of Passover Foods? Depends Who You Speak to!

New York…An early assessment of the supply of Kosher for Passover foods is that while there definitely will be some changes, critical shortages of essential products are not foreseen. Although the ongoing Covid-19 crisis caused many delays and hardships in the manufacture and delivery of the products, in the end, the experts do not expect a critical shortage of essential foods like Matzoh, grape juice, and pastries. Some stores are just finalizing their Passover lists for the special aisles that they generally do not open until the day after Purim. The consensus of stores reached by Kosher Today is that they do not expect shortages of specific items but there will definitely be fewer brands of the same items. Some items routinely produced and displayed for Passover may go missing this year. Even Matzoh may be short on some shelves as food banks scramble for Matzoh and may buy them off the shelves. Some products are enroute from places like Europe and the full scope of any shortage may not be known for a few more weeks. Stores like Gourmet Glatt and Bingo say that they do not expect any critical shortages but they say that they will be creative in replacing any items that do fall short.

Rabbi Moshe Elefant, COO of the Orthodox Union (OU), was optimistic that there would be no shortages. “Production in Israel, a major source of the products, was not interrupted and even shipment from China arrived on schedule,” he said. A major factor again this year will be the restrictions on travel which will again force many to have small Seders rather than the large family events of previous years.