June 20, 2016

How Shoprite Mistakenly Got Caught Up in BDS Web

Brooklyn, NY…It all began with an innocent sign that alerted shoppers in the McDonald Avenue Shoprite that the baby carrots were produced in Israel. A picture of the sign was immediately posted on social media, setting off a frantic debate as to Shoprite’s motives with some claiming it was for religious reasons while others already called for a boycott against the supermarket for caving in to the BDS movement which seeks to boycott Israeli products. Industry officials know that the parent company Wakefern and its store owners have always been amongst the leaders in kosher and certainly would not even entertain any anti-Israel activity. The officials say that the chain probably is the leader in kosher sales from any supermarket nationwide. After speaking to the manager and Rabbi S.D. Beck who is the supervising rabbi, Kosher Today learned that the sign was posted at the suggestion of the rabbi to warn shoppers that as a product of Israel, consumers who wished to observe the laws pertaining to produce grown in Israel such as separating apiece for “terumos and maaseros” (teruma is the portion of the crop dedicated to the priests and Maaser is Levitical tithe) should take note. One official chuckled: “In an age of social media, only G-d can remain totally innocent.”