September 1, 2021

Shoprite and Wal-Mart Adapt to Year-Round Kosher Consumers in Catskills; 900 New Units Being Built for Summer 2022

Monticello…Both Shoprite and Walmart say they will carry kosher products year-round. In fact, ShopRite informed kosher customers that they will supply kosher meat to customers who order in advance and even distributed a direct extension to the meat department. The Catskills, once considered the vacation backyard of Jews in New York City, is slowly emerging as a year-round home for many hundreds of families. The Yeshiva of South Fallsburg has expanded into a community of more than 100 families. The Viznitz Chasidic group has developed a small community in and around the former Gibber’s Hotel. Several grocery markets and local eateries are also now open year-round catering to the new residents and the many vacationers who spend time in their new development homes. An increasing number of kosher observant Jews are vacationing at the magnificent new Kartrite Hotel, a family resort that offers kosher food with advanced reservations. It is part of the Resorts World Catskills campus close to Monticello. Kosher food sources say that the sale of kosher food this past summer was more than double of 2019, the last year of sales prior to Covid-19. Sources told Kosher Today that 900 new units are currently being built which will further crowd the Catskills for the summer of 2022.