December 30, 2013

Shopping Trends in Some Areas Shift Away from Supermarkets

Brooklyn, NY - Sunday at Pomegranate is for some an outing of sorts and that may explain why one is apt to notice license plates from as far away as Massachusetts and even Maryland. A similar scene takes place at Evergreen in Monsey as Sunday shoppers come from all parts of New Jersey and even Connecticut. Experts say that these scenes are part of a shifting trend in the shopping habits of kosher shoppers, certainly a departure of the Mintel studies of the late ‘90’s and 200’s when the global research organization said that most kosher shopping takes place in supermarkets. Apparently, an increasing number of kosher shoppers and even some Jewish shoppers who are not totally kosher appreciate the quality and variety of the kosher products, including the assortment of kosher meats.

The growing number of the super kosher stores is definitely having an impact on shopping habits of kosher consumers, luring many from the traditional supermarkets with kosher sections. Many shoppers in secondary kosher markets use a variety of stores just to keep their pantries stocked. They may find many items in the local supermarkets and then look for specific kosher items at stores like Costco or Trader Joe’s. The occasional visit to one of the large kosher markets is for some like being “a kid in a toy store,” said one retailer. Distributors agree that while supermarkets remain a major source of business, increasingly the super kosher stores are cutting into the business of major chains.