December 15, 2020

Shhh!! There is a Crossover Chanukah Market

New York…We already know that there is a considerable “crossover” market on Passover. Many non-Jews are said to buy Matzoh and even Macaroons even before Jews hit the supermarkets to shop for the holidays. But what could a non-Jew like about Chanukah food? Some kosher supermarkets noted that non-Jews were buying the chocolate coins in their gold wrappings. Why? “They make excellent stocking stuffers, “explained John whose father Ed used to work in a kosher supermarket and whispered the secret in his ears. Ed also used to buy the colorful twisted Chanukah candles for a nice background to the holiday dinner table. John admitted that he couldn’t leave the store without a dozen glazed custard doughnuts. Distributors and supermarket executives say that they always had crossover business on Chanukah from party planners in offices with Jewish employees, especially when the holidays fell close together.