November 15, 2012

Sheil Foods Introduces their New Kosher Sweeteners Made from Agave Plant

Sheil Foods introduces two new kosher products that can be seen as healthy alternatives to sugar. The first is Vivente Agave Nectar with fiber. It has a sweet mild taste and it’s organic. It’s the best alternative to refined sugar and sugar substitutes. And it's Probiotic  because it contains 1g of Metlin soluble dietary fiber per teaspoon. Since it has a very low glycemic index (around 30) it will not spike your sugar blood level.  It is also sweeter, so you use fewer amounts and that means less calories (nearly ½ the calories if using sugar). 

The agave nectar has a taste and appearance similar to honey, making it a popular substitute for vegans and other individuals who avoid honey or just want an organic sweetener substitute. The second is Vivente Organic Powdered Sweetener. This zero Calorie Functional Organic Sweetener is a blend of organic sweeteners and pure organic blue agave inulin fortified with soluble fiber Metlin. Since each packet has 1g of prebiotic soluble fiber, our sweetener will help you maintain healthy digestion. 

Vivente tastes great. Add it to your coffee, tea, smoothies or anything that needs a little sweetness. Sheil Foods will be exhibiting this year at Kosherfest and if you would like any further information visit them at: