May 12, 2021

Shavous Programs, Travel, Signal Reopening of Tourism in Many Countries

Eilat…Many hotels in Israel are planning for high occupancy during the upcoming Shavous holiday, albeit predominantly Israelis. Dan Hotels, which has three hotels in Eilat, will only open the Dan Eilat Hotel. "We have decided on a gradual reopening. On June 11, we will open the Neptune Hotel and a week later Dan Panorama Eilat," Lior Muchnik, CEO of Dan Hotels in Eilat and chairman of the hotel association in the city told The Jerusalem Post's sister publication Maariv. In Muchnik's estimation, the hotel industry in Eilat will recover faster than other cities that are based on foreign tourism. "In Eilat there is the highest rate of domestic tourism – 90%. The Golden Crown Hotel chain will open three of its hotels in Haifa and Nazareth in the coming days, subject to the Health Ministry's guidelines.

The Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort in Morocco will run a Shavous program under the supervision of The Beth Din of Casablanca with mashgichim from France and Israel. In Macedonia, there will be a glatt program under the supervision of Rabbi Nechemia Rotenberg. A special program for Shavuot will also take place at the Grand Hotel Europa Palace in the south of Italy on the Amalfi coast in Sorrento.