May 12, 2021

Shavous: A Holiday Where Kosher Bakeries Show Off

New York…by Rifky Grossman…The holiday of Shavous (May 17-18) is best known for its dairy meals and particularly for cheesecake. While traditional holiday food is still served, the holiday is a time for creativity. Here were just a few examples: At BakerieNY, some of the holiday items include Buttered croissants, lemon tarts, cheesecake, Israeli style with white chocolate and praline and caramel lotus, blintzes with sweet cheese and heavy cinnamon buns, as well as mini tarts. The larger tarts are great for 10-12 people and come in lemon vanilla and chocolate, lemon is a favorite. At Daskal Delights there are such favorites as sour cream twists, wafer cakes, horns, and florets, yeast buns and dairy kokosh cake. The miniature platter is extremely popular as are the cheese pockets, dairy biscotti, and lotus cheese puffs. Siegelman’s offers the original classic Siegelman cake and strawberry shortcake in dairy miniature versions.