January 17, 2011

Seth Epstein to Join Kedem Group, Industry Sources Say

 Bayonne, NJ…Seth Epstein, a well-known kosher food executive, will be joining the Kedem group as Vice President of Sales, industry sources reveal. The news comes as Kedem and the kosher food industry are still mourning the passing of Joe Pressburger, a senior executive at Kedem, who died suddenly earlier this month. Epstein, previously at Manischewitz, is a member of the long-time kosher food distributors that was acquired by Millbrook Distributors in the late ‘90’s. Ironically, Epstein was once a distributor for Kedem foods in the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s. Food retail sources said that Epstein was an excellent choice for Kedem. A Midwest retailer said, “Seth is a perfect fit for Kedem. He has the experience and the industry knowledge.” Mr. Epstein was previously part of the team at Manischewitz that helped the company make the transition into the new world of kosher.” The move is yet to be confirmed by Kedem but industry sources say it’s a done deal.

In the meantime Kedem is preparing for its 5th Kosher Food & Wine Experience on February 22nd at Pier 60 - Chelsea Piers in New York City. The event gives kosher aficionados an opportunity to taste great foods from some of the leading kosher restaurants in New York. It is also Kedem’s premium wine event where the company showcases wines from around the world.