May 22, 2017

Seasons Vies to Become First National Kosher Supermarket Chain

Jamesburg, NY- With the planned opening of three new kosher independent supermarkets, Seasons is planning to become the first national kosher supermarket chain, according to Paul Ruitenberg, Director of Ruitenberg Lind Design Group (RLDG), which plans, designs and fabricates Seasons stores. The new stores are planned for Scarsdale (New York), Baltimore (Maryland) and Cleveland, Ohio, expanding from the company’s established marketplace in New York and New Jersey. The company operates two stores in Lawrence, including a Seasons Express that is open 24 hours a day. Other stores are in Lakewood NJ, Manhattan, Kew Garden Hills, and Clifton NJ, is the largest of the stores with approximately 35,000 square feet. According to Mayer Gold, the Seasons stores not only serve people who observe kosher, but also other shoppers who covet the kosher products and the beautiful store design. Kosher food sources say that the multiple sources offers the chain much better purchasing power and the ability to discount many items.