April 27, 2015

Seasons Targets Baltimore and Lakewood in Expanding Network of Stores

Baltimore, MD -For many years, the Jewish community in this city relied on Seven Mile Market as the only “super kosher store” in the city. According to Mayer Gold of the Seasons kosher supermarket chain, that will change by the end of the year or early in 2016 when it opens a large kosher supermarket in the city. The city has experienced considerable growth in recent years, including many young Orthodox couples who have settled here, joining an estimated 100,000 Jews who live in Baltimore. Seven Mile opened in 1988 and expanded in 2010 when it took over a former Safeway market. With 55,000 square feet, it became the largest independent kosher store in the nation, surpassing Rockland Kosher in Monsey with its 45,000 square feet. Heshy, a transplanted New Yorker moved here to be close to his job as an engineer just outside of Baltimore and “a much less expensive lifestyle than in New York.” He says that many of his friends have either moved here or are contemplating relocating to this city.

The demographics suit the Seasons model of a full service kosher shopping experience in approximately 20,000 square feet while maintaining reasonable pricing. Shoppers like the fact that it has the feel of a large supermarket while providing specific services like delivery and catering. In the four years since it took over three old Supersol stores in Queens, Manhattan, and Lawrence, it has attracted a loyal following to its brand. It has since opened a store in Scarsdale. In addition to Baltimore, Seasons is also planning a new store in the rapidly growing Lakewood NJ Jewish community and a 24/6 (closed on Shabbos) “Seasons Express” convenience store in the Five Towns. By early 2016, approximately five years after its first launch, Seasons will have seven stores, making it the largest independent chain store. Sources say that Seasons is also looking at other locations nationwide for possible super kosher stores.