September 5, 2017

Season’s Opens Seventh Store as Baltimore Continues Growth

Baltimore, MD - Seasons, the largest independent kosher supermarket in the nation, opened its 7th store in Pikesville, late last month. The store, located in a former Office Depot location on Reisterstown Road, just inside the Beltway, offers a full complement of fresh, frozen and refrigerated kosher foods. The addition of Seasons is part of a growing kosher presence in this Jewish community, now believed to be at approximately 90,000. Ironically, the opening of the store comes at approximately the same time that Eli W. Schlossberg, a well-known kosher consultant based in Baltimore, published his book “My Shtetl Baltimore” with many stories about the formidable years when Baltimore was just beginning to go kosher. Mr. Schlossberg chronicles his own experience with his late father’s food business. Many community members reached by Kosher Today praised the opening of the 15,000 square foot Seasons store as “good for competition.” They were no doubt referring to the Seven Mile Market, long the only major independent kosher supermarket in the Baltimore area. Not everyone was thrilled with the Seasons opening as they felt that Seven Mile has bent over backwards to serve the Jewish community for many years and deserves to be supported. Perhaps Mr. Schlossberg, who has published several books and many articles, will one day chronicle the effect of competition on kosher Baltimore.