December 14, 2015

Season’s Maps Out its National Growth

Cleveland - The news that the Season’s kosher supermarket chain was eyeing a piece of property here became an instant sensation in a city that is not accustomed to big kosher headlines. Why Cleveland? “It’s a growing community that could use a store like ours,” said Mayer Gold in an interview by Kosher Today. If all goes well, Season’s will have a footprint in four states, including New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Ohio. Season’s is not your typical cookie cutter supermarket chain. It recently opened Season’s Express in Lawrence where the bait is a quick menu of such items as sesame chicken, pretzel fingers and hush puppies. A large 20,000 square foot supermarket is due to open in the flourishing Jewish community of Lakewood. Two other large stores, Evergreen and Gourmet Glatt are also said to be planning stores in the growing community of about 60,000 Jews.  Also on the drawing board is a 15,000 square foot store in Baltimore, which Mayer calls “another growing Jewish community.” All of this is in addition to Season’s flagship stores in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island and Westchester. In fact, says Gold, the Scarsdale store will be expanded from 2,000 to 10,000 square feet.

When the seven stores are fully operational, Season’s will be the largest exclusive kosher supermarket chain in the nation. Industry officials told Kosher Today that the network will have greater buying power and have the ability to pass on the savings through severely discounted prices.