May 22, 2017

Seasons Change and so Does the Marketing of Kosher

New York- Passover seems like a distant memory these days as the kosher food industry focuses on the upcoming Shavuos (May 31- June 1) holiday and the looming warm weather.  Many of the magazines that cater to the kosher market featured full page ads for cheesecakes, cheese, fish, chocolate – all designed to become part of the obligatory dairy meals on the holiday. A growing trend in recent years by such companies as Lilac & Crème and Gemini was to promote the cheesecakes as holiday gifts. According to several retailers, the sale of cheesecakes has risen dramatically in the last three years increasing by as much as 200% in one store. The focus on dairy does not in any way dilute the marketing of conventional holiday items such as meats, fish, wines and salads. But even while there is a spotlight on the dairy products, it is also the advent of a new barbecue season. Retailers have in recent years stepped up their marketing during the post-Passover period making the spring-summer months a much more profitable period. One retailer said: “We no longer have a real quiet period as the year is now divided into the holiday periods and lifestyle periods.”  Seasons was founded in 2010, following such well-known upscale independents as Pomegranate in Brooklyn. Seasons was part of the rapid expansion of the independents in the last decade that also included Gourmet Glatt and Evergreen.