November 2, 2015

Who Says There’s Nothing New With Biscotti? Kosherfest-Bound The Bites Company Says: There Is!

Secaucus, NJ - When Kosherfest 2015 opens next Tuesday, The Bites Company is hoping to shatter a myth about kosher certified biscotti. What used to be the popular log like biscotti’s has now turned into a cookie! The Bites Company says that its biscotti stays crunchy and bite sized while staying 100% natural and made from scratch. Dina Upton, owner and baker of The Bites Company, is very excited to be featuring her biscottis at Kosherfest this year. “We decided to participate in the largest kosher food trade show to present our Biscotti Bites to the kosher world.”  The Bites Company hopes to meet new contacts and establish relationships with buyers for years to come. Says Upton: “We are newly kosher certified through the Kof-K and are looking forward to meeting kosher distributors and buyers and entering the kosher marketplace.” Biscotti Bites come in three delicious flavors- almond, lemon and cocoa. They take pride in being all natural, preservative free, with no trans fat or added salt. Each Biscotti Bite is only 12 calories with just a gram of sugar! Additionally, the biscottis are baked in a peanut free facility to accommodate those with sensitive nut allergies. This snack makes a perfect guiltless treat. The Biscotti bites can be bought online or Amazon, as well as supermarkets in the NY/NJ area.