July 27, 2015

Savings for Private Label Kosher Items can add up

New York - Shopping on a budget can be a tough challenge for budget conscious kosher consumers these days. One alternative is to buy private label items such as the many items a chain like Shoprite offers. Leah, the mother of 9, shops regularly at KRM in Boro Park where she says that savings can add up to as much as 20%. She watches specials in Jewish newspapers as well as discounts she sees on line. But Leah also visits Shoprite and buys many private label items that can also add up to as much as 17% in savings. According to new research by the Private Label Manufacturers Association, consumers can see significant savings on store brands with these types of specialty products. While the study tested gluten-free and organic foods, as well as non-food allergy-free items, the savings seem to be similar for the private label items with kosher certification. With gluten-free products, specifically, private-label products cost 17 percent less on average compared to national brand counterparts, while some store brands saved shoppers as much as 41 percent. The study concluded that consumers who buy store brand items for special dietary needs could save nearly 30 percent versus national brand products.