August 31, 2009

San Antonio Coffee Roasters is Now Kosher Certified

San Antonio Coffee Roasters, also known as What's Brewing, a company that produces one hundred percent Specialty Gourmet Coffee has gone kosher. The oldest individual coffee roaster in San Antonio, they have a full line of coffees from various countries as well as blends that they have created for over 25 years. Their roasts include certified organic coffees as well as coffees that are certified by Fair Trade and The Rain Forest Alliance. They are one of a few companies that are Artisan Roasters. The Fair Trade organization recognizes this company as an Artisan Roaster which means that they roast their coffee in a small batch and that it is still handled by hand and not by a machine. The roasters listen to the crackle of the bean and stand over them with a careful eye until they have reached the desired temperature and the level of roast is accomplished. The coffees are kosher certified by the Star K agency. For additional information, please call 210-308-8882 or visit: