October 25, 2011

Sales of Ingredient Items ÒOff the ChartsÓ During Holidays, Retailers Say

Brooklyn, NY…Retailers in New York and elsewhere were confident that when all the tallies are in, this year’s holiday season would have been the best in years. Some said that the “3-day holidays” was a major boon for sales as consumers stocked up with a far larger basket than in other years. Yakov Yarmove of SuperValu felt that the late holiday season created both a back to school and holiday where in other years, the two are intertwined effecting sales. He and others KosherToday interviewed felt that the economy was still a factor in a more austere middle class kosher customer. But if there was Breaking News this holiday season it was the sheer number of consumers that seemed to prepare their own meals. In many stores, ingredient items “flew off the shelves,” said one major retailer. “Many came in here with recipe booklets, cookbooks and even recipes on I-Pads. Sales of ingredient items, including baking supplies and exotic fresh fruits as well as syrups and jams were simply off the charts,” he added. Some of the consumers were encouraged by the growing number of magazines that featured special holiday sections with meal ideas and recipes. All in all, several retailers predicted increased sales of 10% - 15% over the previous years. One retailer said that consumers seemed to be concerned that they would have enough food in their pantries for the 3-day holiday, “which meant much higher bills.” Similarly, despite some efforts by rabbis and parents to reduce alcohol consumption over the holidays, sales of wines soared to record levels.