July 11, 2016

Rumors Fly on Future of Former Brach’s Supermarket in Lawerence

Lawrence - Residents of this Five Towns community are getting used to the idea of unsubstantiated rumors as to who will succeed the now defunct Brach’s kosher supermarket. In February, it was reported that Brach’s, which had closed his other supermarkets, had sold the Lawrence supermarket to KRM. Many residents actually welcomed the news that a kosher independent supermarket with a reputation for deep discounts would offer a favorable alternative to the nearby Gourmet Glatt and Season’s. Now it appears that the actual buyer was Gourmet Glatt with some wondering whether the high-end grocer would actually open its third supermarket in the Five Towns, with the other two located in Cedarhurst and Woodmere. Social media was abuzz with rumors about the future of the former Brach’s store although Kosher Today has not been able to substantiate some of the rumors.